dinsdag, december 29, 2009


Yes, we had!

...and our first workshop at WERKPOST


Tomorrow we will leave to this place for celebrating the new year! In the woods with nice people, drinks and foods and an open fire place.


maandag, december 28, 2009

zondag, december 27, 2009

It was Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful time!

dinsdag, december 22, 2009


SHE was touched by the portraits of Hendrik Kerstens, like that i saw these portraits of Katinka Lampe. The book wich has just been released is on my wishlist!

[photos copyright Katinka Lampe]

vrijdag, december 18, 2009

Post I


I just love the simplicity of her drawings. Hanna Konola
I see the cards are sold out! Hopefully Hanna will make more...
and have you seen her advent-calender?


This is how we walk to school in the morning. Holiday starts at noon.
It's a wonderful start of the holiday, we almost can't remember when we had so much snow!

And the DJ's of 3FM will move into their house of glass. It's a serious request! We sure will have a look.

Tonight i will show you more!

maandag, december 14, 2009


The postman arrived today. A package from Sweden and Taiwan. Last week i got the beautiful cards of Hanna. I had a beautiful autumn-swap with Maartje...it really makes me happy. All this beauty, all this creativity and so much inspiration!
Thank you all.

I had to write about the archetype of the artist for my exam in november and how i see myself. It's an never ending story, always in development. (?) I wish i lived in the golden-age where you could have your own master to learn from. Lucky for me...included by Camilla's book; there are cards to make your own Camilla-Collage! I already started! Show you when i'm finished. This way i can still learn a lot!

And i had coffee with Anja! It was nice meeting her. Talking about inspiration. We will probably meet again! Funny how you can meet trough the web.


There are photos with all these little stories, also this morning when it was really winter outside! It still is...
But i don't have time to up-load. I will do a picture-post soon!

woensdag, december 09, 2009


'Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen' WE had our Sinterklaas last weekend. I got very nice presents!
I will be with my students again for the third time tomorrow. We will work on 'STILLS'. Hopefully i can show you something later this week. Thanks for your sweets words. It also makes me happy!

The light in the woods...is made by Marjolein Perin

maandag, december 07, 2009


Today is the birthday of our daughter Hasse. Seven years ago she was born, but she wasn't alive anymore. A sad day...but since i was up and running last thursday, Ot is having flue since...So we are staying inside. That fits with my mood...

donderdag, december 03, 2009

i'm off

On sick leave since saterday...hope to be back tomorrow....

Have a look at Anja's photo's! She also has some nice collections. I guess it's time to have a coffee Anja! Would be nice to meet.


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