donderdag, maart 21, 2013

Paper Places


Japan - Africa - Latin America - the Mediterranean

Paper love.
It's just my cup of tea.
Made with paper.
Look what a wonderful details!

All countries and places easy to reach by KLM
Calender for KLM 1965
Design by Joop Geesink
He was the founder of Loekie

vrijdag, maart 15, 2013


My parents were born in 1948 and 1949.
At that time this young man went to school 6 days a week.
There are books - first print 1883.
I think he was a hard worker.
AND he took much care of his work.

also happy to see that the king of Sweden needed glasses too.

donderdag, maart 14, 2013


The new old house of Jet &co. Full of hidden treasures.
I was strong and only took some paper goods and a pink blanket.
Show you tomorrow...

Thank you Jet, for showing me around!
And look....
This is our bedroom long time ago...


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