dinsdag, juli 26, 2011


We can use some colour in these grey-days....

Boas and Luna made this at school.
I like that they still make these kind of works!

maandag, juli 25, 2011


Boas had his birthday on the 13th of july. We celebrated this in a corn-labyrinth. The kids also painted a wooden shoe!
How i like the colours of the corn and the skirt of this little miss!


It has been quit around here. I already got in this slow-motion, but we still had to finish school.
But now...

Finally....no more rush in the morning...we can really take it slow...
As you know i do like to collect and save things up....well...
it's too much actually. It's irritating me....finally....
All these things that don't have their own place.

So today i started to sort out all of these drawings of the kids.
I saved them up for 8 years!!!! I have started to put the nicest ones in a collage-book
and the rest is really history!

maandag, juli 18, 2011

For sale

Remember last year...
we went camping in a beautiful garden! The house is for sale now.
You can find out all about it here!

After busy days still 5 days to go before holiday starts!

maandag, juli 04, 2011

not yet

Holiday has started in some parts of our country, but we still have 3 weeks to go.
I have to think about some places to stay-over-night on our way to Italy.
Bed and breakfast on the countryside? Someone any suggestions?

zaterdag, juli 02, 2011

The Play

Finishing touch...

It was amazing watching our daughter in the play of the red prinsess!


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