donderdag, december 29, 2011

I guess we will be busy until saterday - 12.00 o'clock...
so i will be back in the new year.

Wish you all good last days of 2011 and all the best for 2012!



dinsdag, december 06, 2011

And the winner is....


Ot trok een lootje tussen de pepernoten vandaan!
Knoopjes; wil je mij je adres mailen, dan kan ik de sloffen naar jullie opsturen!

dinsdag, november 29, 2011


I didn't win the give-away at Nina's place...
but these GREAT collegien slippers/socks of Ot were too small from the beginning. He never wore them, it's size 28-29

So let's make this another give-away! It you like them, leave a comment!
I'll pick a winner on 5 december; Sinterklaas!!

donderdag, november 24, 2011


It's great how the net works! Half a year ago i received an email , If i still collect paper bags, and yes i do!
So 2 weeks ago (finally) i met Jolanda and received such a wonderful bag with little bags in it...old ones, so beautiful!
I really like the idea that someone comes up with the idea....

So this idea is of a whole other dimension. I guess a lot of you know Roos, her husband is diagnosed with one of the most virulent forms of leukemia.
Her zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller came up with the idea of raising roses! Via this network you can support Roos!
You can read about Roos and her family here.


woensdag, november 23, 2011


Kunstenaars (en schrijvers!) het zijn net gewone mensen....

Rhea schreef een boek over levensbeschouwing van kunstenaars en schrijvers. Gisteren stond er een artikel over in de Trouw.
Jammer dat het boek niet werd genoemd, maar je kunt het hier kopen.

(Wil je het hele artikel lezen, mail me dan, dan stuur ik je het toe!)

donderdag, november 03, 2011


Last weekend i went to see Studio Job and Ruud van Empel with the children at the Groninger museum. We have to do that more often.
We liked it!

Berlin III

Playing around with a mobile phone.


dinsdag, november 01, 2011

Berlin II



Sas and i had a wonderful time in Berlin. Strolling around the neighbourhoods. So much to see, to discover
and it was great to have so much time with eachother!


woensdag, oktober 26, 2011

This family!

Before i went to Berlin i had a 'blind date' with this family!
A warm home with lots of space for playing and laughing.

What a joy!

dinsdag, oktober 18, 2011


It has been almost a month since i posted here...busy with lots of other things.
After the autumn break i will be back with more regular posts!

Packing - Unpacking Like the tones, shapes and textures.

Oh by the way...busy i was...addicted to pinterest! Just like her!

maandag, september 19, 2011


Found this little bear in my huge archive of photo's! And a photo of her on a trip to Rotterdam and Antwerp! Good memories!

In October i will visit Berlin. If you know that little shop, restaurant or other place i do have to visit...tell me! I'm making a board!

dinsdag, september 13, 2011


When we were young, me and my sisters always did this song & dance. So in Italy we did it again! We practised at home, together at the Casa & had so much fun and hey....we were still sexy in the suites my sister made! (and the kids were impressed too, their mum could still dance Haha!)

I think this picture says it all.....

Bonte avond !

woensdag, september 07, 2011

Summer Vacation IV

The last has started again and i am getting back to 'normal' life.

woensdag, augustus 31, 2011


After we met, we wrote letters...but it ended, our lives continued.
We met 19 years ago in the kibbutz and we met again last week!
I remember her being creative...she still is!
With her beloved husband from the kibbutz and her two beautiful sons!

It was amazing seeing our children playing together and us talking
like it was yesterday.

We will meet again & drink another glass of wine!

Summer vacation III

In love with Tuscany....

dinsdag, augustus 30, 2011

Summer vacation II

We had a wonderful time In Italy celebrating the 40th weddingday of my parents!

We stayed in the green-room....


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