maandag, januari 31, 2011

woensdag, januari 19, 2011


Bought this wonderful book of Rop van Mierlo
WILDE DIEREN You can find all out about it and buy the bookHERE!

maandag, januari 17, 2011

at home

Well, moving is quite hectic and starting a new job also. Fever came to our home all the man in the house had to stay in bed for a couple of days...Still boxes to sort...the attic is stuffed....BUT we are really happy in our new home.
The kids like heir new school...they went from 400 children to a school with only 65!

I started our card by cutting, but i came back to drawing! The tree, the owl and the swing stayed!

vrijdag, januari 07, 2011

french playground

I can listen to the french songs all day long...
French playground by putumayokids!

maandag, januari 03, 2011

warm wishes

I wish everyone a very warm 2011 !!


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