woensdag, maart 31, 2010

vrijdag, maart 26, 2010

Ik schenk aandacht

This is a project of a dutch artist Annet de Vries. This afternoon the postman brought me an envelope and i love it. I already did...at Werkpost we sell her teapot, teabags and buttons. It's all about awareness. ' I pay attention to '. Be aware of spending time with each other, taking time in this world where things are going on and on...
...that's what i meant when meeting the lady

But find out for yourselves and read all about it here!
if you want to buy something, visit werkpost ( i will be there tomorrow) or have a look here! Annet also has a blog

I must say...it's in dutch tough...

donderdag, maart 25, 2010


Spring, today it was more then 20 degrees in our garden...wow! And on this day also spring arrived in a box! BLOM, the newest product of Jurianne Matter. (DIY) So this saterday in the shop!


woensdag, maart 24, 2010

Lode Pemmelaar

This is the work of Lode Pemmelaar I fell in love with the first one immediately. Yesterday I saw that one in the house of the lady. I had never seen his work before.

"De onderwerpen van Pemmelaar zouden triviaal genoemd kunnen worden. De uitgelegde lucifersdoosjes, vloeihulzen, pillendoosjes, enveloppen, zakjes en taartdozen zijn op verschillende manieren zo gemanipuleerd dat ze een scherpe figuratie en tegelijkertijd een onduidelijke associatie zijn gaan bezitten."

I'm curious about more of these boxes, envelopes and paperbags...

dinsdag, maart 23, 2010

the paperbag lady

Remember the paperbags in the newspaper...a lady of 82 years sent me an email, telling she would love to give her collection of paperbags to me. We met through NRC-next and by surprise we live in the same city.
I gave her a visit this morning and stayed for almost 3 hours! We talked a lot about craftwork and art and ofcourse she told me every story that goes with the beautiful paperbags!

And i didn't surprise me at all that she had lots of collections!

That's what it is all about. Meeting people, listening to the stories, memories and things to look out for... i made me happy when i cycled home with the sun in my face!

dinsdag, maart 16, 2010


We had fun with these!

I'll show the last paperbags this week, i have to make some time to finish the stories behind and i have to tell you about a lady who i met trough these bags.
It's an amazing world.


donderdag, maart 11, 2010

family matter

This photo i made 2 weeks ago, too bad the collection is not mine, but it runs in the family!

The newspaper was sold out at my store in the neighbourhood so i haven't seen today's paperbag. So more tomorrow...the last day!

woensdag, maart 10, 2010


At that time he was my boyfriend, living for one year in Mexico. I visited him for almost 3 months. It was 1995. While he was working i visited Bilha's school and i met Magda from Poland who did a summercourse. These two girls i never met again. Ofcourse i strolled trough this little town a lot!

I made a small book and this serie at that time.

PS Now he is my husband!

dinsdag, maart 09, 2010

NRC Next

After the publication in Uppercase Magazine...now this week NRC NEXT is featering my collection of paperbags. I will tell you about them here!

Today you see a greek paperbag. After finishing AKI, Welmoed and i started a project. She living in Greece and me in the Hague (NL)we wrote eachother letters in the up-comming emailworld. We put all kind of daily finds in these letters too. A couple of years ago i was trying to find her, but since a couple of months we are back in touch. I think her paperbag in the newspaper today is the start of writing again!

donderdag, maart 04, 2010

Dear Ms. Hyacinth

"G.van der Tuin / Kamer- en kasplanten in kleuren / Meulenhoff natuurgidsen" For sale and here at Marktplaats!

The street where i live was sunny today.

maandag, maart 01, 2010


It was sunny, but still cold. You can feel it's in the air...



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