maandag, maart 26, 2012


Last weekend Peter and I did 'un tour de la Hollande'...
We had a great time!

Beautiful place to visit and i do like her work (and coffee!)
Lonneke de Kok - Oisterwijk

Guess we have to visit again in every season! Always something to discover in the garden. Not to forget the shop with books!
We ate cheesecake and citron pie. Villa Augustus - Dordrecht

And thank you Joscha for your hospitality!


maandag, maart 12, 2012


I do like spaces. Emty and old spaces. Places where you are getting curious about the story behind.

Places & spaces - Lost Places
Deserted Europe

And the space above....
It's our bedroom nowadays...!

maandag, maart 05, 2012


Still one of the greatest kids stores in Groningen. Kidsfavourites//Protonstraat 12B

And do you remember Boas his first found??
He found something special again....Look here JASZAKSCHATTEN


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