dinsdag, april 20, 2010

Diel Fashion

A couple of weeks ago i had a whole bunch of children in the studio. Didi and Elise have designed a new summer collection of ecological girls clothing. I was really fun working with these kids!

Diel Fashion

zondag, april 18, 2010


Amsterdam Klezmer band speelt...

Op de dagen na hemelvaart een nieuw Gronings festival!
Kom solar-cooking en zonnecellen maken! En natuurlijk genieten van o.a. deze muziek, theater, circus en meer...


This is about a new festival in Groningen, the city where i live...you could come and join too!

dinsdag, april 13, 2010


He wanted to marry her too and fell in love with this cake!

woensdag, april 07, 2010


Like all the other years, this amazing easter bun gave us a visit last week. All the neighbour-kids were searching for eggs. There was only one-golden!

And remember we went for her dress...this weekend my youngest sister is getting married! So these bunnies came too late for easter, but this couple came in time for celebration!

(More of these in the shop on saterday!)


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