vrijdag, oktober 29, 2010


Drinking coffee is the hot drink number one...but with loads of sugar in it. I only drink it black...without the sugar.
Roasting the coffeebeans, making coffee is a true friendship-ceremony!
And Injera is a bit sour but it taste wonderfully well with all the nice spicy dips....only to eat with your right hand.

dinsdag, oktober 26, 2010

back on my feet again..

The rainy season had just finished but it gets dry very quickly! Lots of wind, dust and sand...

vrijdag, oktober 22, 2010

Back home

Home again...for almost one week. It was impressive and such a beautiful country. The rainy season had just finished so the 'tef' was still growing just before harvest. everything so green...i'll show some photos this week. But i take it slow...
This little red bird was around all the time in the view i enjoyed most of the time... just out of my window!

zaterdag, oktober 09, 2010


Well...here i am in an internet-cafe in Debre Zeyt, just 60 km below Addis. It's amazing to be in the country and be part of the job that Tineke is doing here.
Two boys were born and one girl and i was there to see it all happen. So impressive...sooo basic but it really touches me in the heart.

I will be here for one more week and i have lots of work to do! So for now wish you all a good time and i will tell you more stories when i'm back home!


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