maandag, september 19, 2011


Found this little bear in my huge archive of photo's! And a photo of her on a trip to Rotterdam and Antwerp! Good memories!

In October i will visit Berlin. If you know that little shop, restaurant or other place i do have to visit...tell me! I'm making a board!

dinsdag, september 13, 2011


When we were young, me and my sisters always did this song & dance. So in Italy we did it again! We practised at home, together at the Casa & had so much fun and hey....we were still sexy in the suites my sister made! (and the kids were impressed too, their mum could still dance Haha!)

I think this picture says it all.....

Bonte avond !

woensdag, september 07, 2011

Summer Vacation IV

The last has started again and i am getting back to 'normal' life.


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