dinsdag, januari 31, 2012


It is freezing cold outside but the light is wonderful!

zondag, januari 22, 2012

Urban Carpet

Photos by Instant Hutong

URBAN CARPET 8 pieces 180x180 cm. embroidery on canvas

Carpets are representing different maps of Hutong areas in downtown Beijing with a size of approximately one square kilometre and a population of 30000. Each of them has been isolated and presented as autonomous town within the big city. They are embroidered by hand with the same technique of the propaganda slogans on large fabrics used by the communist party during the seventies. The carpets have been filled with white wire wool insertions.


vrijdag, januari 20, 2012

Inside Inspiration

Tomas Voorn
Kiki van Eijk
Jeroen Wand
Bertjan Pot

Sorry, can't remember the last two...
September - Inside design 2011 -

Have a good, inspirational weekend!


maandag, januari 16, 2012

Marjolein Perin

Marjolein Perin is a great designer of handmade felt lamps.
She is featured in the upcoming Happinez
and in march you can read all about her in the magazine Seasons!

Besides lamps, she also makes fabrics and windows.
She now started her blog so you can follow her and her wonderful works!

vrijdag, januari 13, 2012

Wooden textiles

- the book -

- photos by Sebastian Neeb -

I have a wonderful new book in my collection!
New Artisans by Olivier Dupon.
Impressed by the work of Elisa Strozyk.
Wooden Textiles. Beautiful. Like meditation.

donderdag, januari 05, 2012

New Year!

We started the new year in our old neighbourhood, the people feel almost like family after all these years. We are rebuilding our kitchen and are almost finished....we are also still enjoying our christmas tree and are playing lots of 'boerenbridge' in between.
There are still a few day left, before school starts again....

And if you are into adventures...this is a great book! The drawings & the strory....

2012 Looking forward to all the adventures to come!


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