dinsdag, februari 23, 2010


Last weekend we spent some time with eachother since a long time...and what a surprise it was to ski again!


vrijdag, februari 19, 2010


I used to make a lot of books. This is what i like to do most!

...this weekend i'm off with dearest, we might even be skiing...

maandag, februari 15, 2010


Saterday i visited Holy Stich and saw so many crafty woman! I found some fabrics and tried -hooked-. I am also very happy with my granny-blanket i found here. (show you some other time) And most of all..the building, an old prison...was fabulous!

vrijdag, februari 12, 2010

I guess i never show much of my work. But this book is finally finished!

woensdag, februari 10, 2010


Another collection...
-voetbal-plaatjes- the supermarket did it again!
We just got over the first issue..


woensdag, februari 03, 2010


I will start a new collection of stamps! If you have made one yourself and want to be part of this collection too. You can email me and i will sent you my adress!



dinsdag, februari 02, 2010

My dad & i spent the night here. Funny it was, waking up next to him!

maandag, februari 01, 2010


Uppercase magazine nr. 4 with some of my paperbag-collection in it. Can't wait to hold it in my hands! You can see the preview here.

And it's still winter here as well. Go pick up the kids by bike on slippery roads...
I'll be carefull!



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