dinsdag, juni 28, 2011


Luna and I made some during the rainy-holi-days. We had some birthdays aswell!

And Stip likes to be around. Today it's her first day outside.
Hopefully she will find her way back!

maandag, juni 27, 2011


Came across this one....love it!

zondag, juni 26, 2011


We worked hard with the four of us. Felting a sheep!
With all the dirt still in it...
I'll show you the result after the wool-washings in the machine.

donderdag, juni 23, 2011

woensdag, juni 22, 2011


We also went to the open-air-museum of Warffum. A small farmers village in the years 1800-1900. I do like the basic surroundings.
The colours they used and the basic designs. It also made me think of the house in Sweden. This one of Alma and Betty and their 2 brothers Hjalmar and Adolf.

No, i do not like the animal for fashion!


Always fun!

maandag, juni 20, 2011


This was our last week of school-holiday before the summer holiday will start (end of july...) We have been busy! We went to Schiermonnikoog for one day wich is always great and too short!
Tomorrow 'normal' life will start again! Cleaning up all the "mess" we made!

woensdag, juni 08, 2011

20 years

After making garlands we realized that 2011 is our 20th anniversary!
We must think about a new place to go & celebrate our friendship!

Here we were young and travelled Greece, Israel and Turkey for a couple of months!
The best place to sleep was the roof-top 'Al Arab' in the old town of Jerusalem!
(after drinking at the Arizona bar)


maandag, juni 06, 2011

nature garland

On friday there was a kids-party for celebrating Ot's birthday. The children had fun...and we got inspired, me and my dear friend.
So when the party was over....
we just sat and made garlands and garlands and more garlands....nature & recycling!

paper garland

Guusje made a tutorial which i used for Ot's birthday. We didn't made the stamps ourselves, but Ot & I had much fun stamping with the Djeco-stamping-set!

donderdag, juni 02, 2011


Waking up by singing! Finally...5 years old today! We had a wonderful day in the sun!
'Stippeltje' had to stay indoors. She has to get used to her new house and her new friend Ot!

My mum spoiled us all by baking enough cakes, but this one....my sister made!


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