donderdag, oktober 29, 2009


I just burned my 'stoofpeertjes' the whole house is smelling like burned caramel.
Love to make more photographs like a wintersetting.

And thank you for your first orders!

zondag, oktober 25, 2009


We love to eat spagetti with the scissors like Pipi!
And I hope you like the shop! It's OPEN!



donderdag, oktober 22, 2009

The Wedding!

They are getting married tomorrow and i will be their photographer!


zondag, oktober 18, 2009


Went for a short walk with the boys! And started to read a book i got for my b-day in august....Slowly day, which feels very good!


I do like his work! Gewoon Jelle

donderdag, oktober 15, 2009


When i was in Paris last may i also visited Petit Pan. So much colour, it made me really happy! And just fell in love with the Paper balloons!
In the french Marie Claire Maison i saw the house of founder Myriam.

Beautiful isn't it....

And these paperballoons are already for sale at WERKPOST WINKEL in Groningen and soon in my webshop!
I hope to be ready by blogpost 500! And then there will be a give-away too...

woensdag, oktober 14, 2009


En erg mooie filmpjes op de achtergrond.
Dansen, dansen!


It was AWSOME!
How i love to dance!


dinsdag, oktober 13, 2009


I went out with this little black one! We picked up Ot en walked. We met this wonderful old chinese woman on our way back and she said; it's good to go out and good to meet people. I asked her about her dog, but he died a couple of months ago. She was happy i talked to her. You have an open heart. Don't stay inside! Make contact. Beautiful lesson of this lady!

So i go out, tonight with my man and we pick up her...and her man! We go eat something and than listen. We will open our hearts and let the good live in!

donderdag, oktober 08, 2009


Boas likes to play with the camara...
i would like to play with the new blocks of Miller Goodman!

here and here


dinsdag, oktober 06, 2009

Stil leven

We sell Jurianne Matter in our shop!
And also the cloth Marjolein made!


If you have time...i was going trough almost all of it...and really got inspired!
HAve a look at Paul Barbera's photo's and i really liked wheretheycreate! You can find a lot of pictures at IJM's. Have fun, don't stay up too late!

maandag, oktober 05, 2009


My youngest sister will get married in spring! She asked me, my other sister, my mum and her mother-in-law to come with her to look for her ever-dreamed-of dress! And YES...she found it!

donderdag, oktober 01, 2009

zeg het met...

Mooie bloemen kreeg ik tijdens de opening.


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