woensdag, augustus 31, 2011


After we met, we wrote letters...but it ended, our lives continued.
We met 19 years ago in the kibbutz and we met again last week!
I remember her being creative...she still is!
With her beloved husband from the kibbutz and her two beautiful sons!

It was amazing seeing our children playing together and us talking
like it was yesterday.

We will meet again & drink another glass of wine!

Summer vacation III

In love with Tuscany....

dinsdag, augustus 30, 2011

Summer vacation II

We had a wonderful time In Italy celebrating the 40th weddingday of my parents!

We stayed in the green-room....

zaterdag, augustus 27, 2011

woensdag, augustus 10, 2011

Blote voeten

My aunt and I visited Ethiopia last year. We also visited the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa. It was so impressive to see the young girls and woman who were isolated by the community since giving birth to their baby too young. they have created a life-time-care for these woman.

Now there is this walk on bare-feet in Barneveld. I guess we all must join to walk for the hospital! 10 september 2011
Read all about it here!

maandag, augustus 08, 2011


Remember i told you about the long-eared-owl. There are two of them and now we have some youngsters....
the flying lessons are going well, they slowly move to other gardens....

zaterdag, augustus 06, 2011

Colourful days together with the whole Santenkraam!

PS ♥
(Dank jullie voor de fijne dagen! en we hebben nog wat van/voor jullie verzameld!)

dinsdag, augustus 02, 2011


We ate fish and chips and were playing around.


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