donderdag, december 02, 2010


Well...finally...we have the key of our new house from 1930...
Yesterday we walked in since summer...and yes....there is a lot work to do!
So that's what i'm doing these days, weeks, probably months....
I'll show you photo's later....

See you!

dinsdag, november 30, 2010


My shop with the products of Jurianne, Studio Violet, Paumes, and the paper balloons is closed! But now you can buy them do i! I just love to 'stroll' trough all kind of shops on the Oly's shop...where i was last year....

Dear OLY
Jurianne Matter
Zoete Appel
Een nieuw avontuur >>dol op tapejes...
PSIk laatste kocht ik op de markt in Amsterdam!

I it really going faster when you get older?
just 2 more nights and we can stroll trough our new home....

vrijdag, november 26, 2010


This sunday 28th of november there's a nice market in Groningen!
Hip & Hand gemaakt 'Diezijnleuk' // 11.00-17.00 uur // Vismarkt

I used to make these dolls but these are not for sale! You can find me & Marieke with some of the paper products! After sunday the shop will be closing down!
If it's not toooo cold there will be something to do with nature and paper as well!!!
And Sandra will be there and Annet, Tineke and Megan It will be nice to see them again....

first snow

In between packing, making 'moving-cards' with the kids, work.....the first snow covered it all in white!

//walking to school is a much better way to start the day...than racing on a bike....what i usually do, cause we are always late//

//we still have to work on it....but here's a start!

woensdag, november 17, 2010

six years ago...

Guusje wrote about what she was doing six years ago...and i jumped into my large archive of photos and was melting away by these i found....
So little, they grow so fast!At this time i was just making dolls and handycrafts...just because i liked it so, taking care and...just be there....

Then i realized it's not 6 but just 4 years ago, Ot was just born...but still... i would like to back to that state of mind....

dinsdag, november 16, 2010

Not feeling well

Yesterday we visited the new school of the children. 65 children / 4 classes in total... now we have 18 will be a different world. The kids spent 45 minutes and they are enthousiastic about it! What a releave...

Now Ot is not feeling well, asleep in the big bed. I'm trying to work but my thoughts are just going from side to the other...

Ot in better days....

dinsdag, november 09, 2010


It's getting cold, there's even a storm on its way they (the weather-report) say...time to stay inside, time to bake. Found this new Ikea baking book trough Rosa Rugosa, where i found a "new" swedish bench for our "new" kitchen....

And the girls, Sandra and Marjolein have their products in this webshop!
Really nice and 10% discount now!

maandag, november 08, 2010

collected the mean time i'm collecting in the house! Packing as you call it. Just a few more weeks and we get the keys of our new house, just outside the city. And i have to finish a website i'm working on....and i guess i never told that i do have a "normal" job now as well....

Anyway...a nice article in Flow...
all about collecting! (page 22; but you have to buy it to read it all....)

dinsdag, november 02, 2010

A girl!

The first 'delivery' into the world i saw, is this little girl. She will have her name after baptism (6 weeks), she and her mum will stay in this bed for 80 days...when a son is born she has to get back to work after 40 days....when we visited her after 5 days i brought her a pink cloth to wrap the baby in. Instead of having 'beschuit met muisjes' we were treated 'marka'. It's raw dough which you eat with a spicy oil. I do prefer the 'beschuit met muisjes'.....


Everywhere you go, there are always children around. If you stop the car just somewhere, in a sec. there they are. Always happy to see you! In the two weeks i was around i saw three children being born. It's amazingly wonderful! And i was very happy to see them!

vrijdag, oktober 29, 2010


Drinking coffee is the hot drink number one...but with loads of sugar in it. I only drink it black...without the sugar.
Roasting the coffeebeans, making coffee is a true friendship-ceremony!
And Injera is a bit sour but it taste wonderfully well with all the nice spicy dips....only to eat with your right hand.

dinsdag, oktober 26, 2010

back on my feet again..

The rainy season had just finished but it gets dry very quickly! Lots of wind, dust and sand...

vrijdag, oktober 22, 2010

Back home

Home again...for almost one week. It was impressive and such a beautiful country. The rainy season had just finished so the 'tef' was still growing just before harvest. everything so green...i'll show some photos this week. But i take it slow...
This little red bird was around all the time in the view i enjoyed most of the time... just out of my window!

zaterdag, oktober 09, 2010

Ethiopia! i am in an internet-cafe in Debre Zeyt, just 60 km below Addis. It's amazing to be in the country and be part of the job that Tineke is doing here.
Two boys were born and one girl and i was there to see it all happen. So impressive...sooo basic but it really touches me in the heart.

I will be here for one more week and i have lots of work to do! So for now wish you all a good time and i will tell you more stories when i'm back home!

woensdag, september 29, 2010

i'm off...

From here...with all the studio-stuff back home, i'll say goodbye for now. I'm back in 3 weeks....but maybe i could post a short message from Ethiopia. I'm excited! BYE, still have to finish packing!!!!

woensdag, september 22, 2010


Would love to go to the big city this weekend for inside design. Visit the studio of IJm again. Curious what the girls have been up to. to see what she did! And she...

Since i will be moving houses by the end of this year, i would also like to visit the woonbeurs...and meet her again...but well...I know what i will be up empty my workspace, to pack my bags and spent a day with my family since a long time!!!

maandag, september 13, 2010


A kind of new game...and a new tea-pot! But there's hardly time to relax...There are a lot of changes ... And in 3 weeks time, i will be in Ethiopia.....

dinsdag, september 07, 2010


Remember this? The first photo i made for their invition card. The early-love-birds got married last weekend! What a wonderful weekend it was...the people, the place, the's all about love!

Inspired by the beautiful landart-work of Hilda who made wishes in the woods at the wedding day...The personal crew of friends and children made this special art-work to walk the aisle...

dinsdag, augustus 31, 2010


We had quite a lot of visitors...and in the little streets around the park, we even found some products in a window! That felt nice! Now we are cleaning up the mess and i'm preparing for a big move and lot's of changes!

zaterdag, augustus 28, 2010

Fairy tail


Our 10th and last day of the festival! Wonder who i will meet today....

vrijdag, augustus 27, 2010


It's too bad there is so much rain this week...but well....we still have Annet!


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