vrijdag, december 28, 2012


Afgelopen jaar heb ik 26 berichten geplaatst. In 2009 waren het er 200 meer...
Heb ik weinig nieuws of was ik gewoon te druk? Beide denk ik...
Afgelopen dagen raakte ik weer geprikkeld door een groot fotografen koppel!
Dat ik ineens zin heb in een nieuwe camara en mijn mobiel weer ga gebruiken om te bellen...

Ik wens iedereen hele mooie laatste dagen van het jaar 2012
en voor 2013

Laat je bevangen door de schoonheid van licht!

Tot volgend jaar.

dinsdag, november 27, 2012


Sinds 1955 heeft Loes Veenstra meer dan 500 truien gebreid!
Christien Meindertsma fotografeerde ze allemaal en maakte er een boek van!

To celebrate Christien organized a flashmob!
Klik hier voor de flashmob

Since 1955, Loes Veenstra knitted over 500 sweaters that she stored in cardboard boxes in her home.
The sweaters had never been worn.

dinsdag, november 13, 2012


Olifantenpaadjes...i saw the book some time ago while i was in Paris and it was something...fascinating.
Never heard of before but so 'regular' it stayed in mind. Everytime i see this 'elephant-path' (desire-lines)
i wanted to know more about it.

So i found this video. You have to watch this. Sorry that it's in dutch.

Olifantenpaadjes from Jan-Dirk van der Burg on Vimeo.

Here you can find out all about it.

maandag, november 05, 2012

Te Koop!

Ooit stond deze foto uit mijn eindexamen werk op de cover van de Items!
Vanaf 8 november is de poster te koop bij de Eco Popupstore in de Zwanestraat in Groningen!
Met werk van Van San, Marjolein Perin, Tineke Meirink en meer!

Woon en kom je niet in de buurt, je kunt me natuurlijk altijd mailen, ik doe ook aan verzenden per post!

My work is for sale in the Eco Popupstore in Groningen.
But i can also sent it to you by post! Email me if you want to know more.

dinsdag, oktober 23, 2012


Sam is in our life for more than 6 months now...he really is a member of our family so i was quite in shock when i heard he was in an accident. Hit by a car while playing and running like a youngster after a chestnut. On thursday i went to a specialist to have a look at his leg, but it couldn't be saved...so now we have a very special dog. From now he will live his life with 3 legs. We are all just very happy he's still with us! But it is a sad story.

maandag, oktober 08, 2012


Great about autumn is the harvest. I started to sow again. I am studying again. I will be an art- teacher in two years time. Hope to have a great harvest then, i have to grow in this way of life...

zaterdag, september 01, 2012


For the second time 'Camping Siepsfabriek'.
We had a wonderful time with lovely people!
So i guess i can't resist next year...

Thank you MUS
& Thank you Santenkraam
En al dat blond-harige-tuig voor zoveel gezelligheid!

dinsdag, augustus 28, 2012


Well... It has been more than 3 months since i have written down something. It has been a busy time with our dog, our cats and we were busy celebrating summer. I hope my computer with all the photographs will be reconnected to the worldwideweb... Me and the kids have just a couple of days left before school starts again. For them, but for me aswell! Back to school. So hope to see you soon.... X

dinsdag, mei 08, 2012

felted dogs

I just had to share this with you. So cute..
Nice website too with many more cute dogs....

zondag, mei 06, 2012


We still have to wait for about 3 weeks, but we are in love with our new member of our family! Meet Sam!

donderdag, april 26, 2012


Could play for hours. ☉

maandag, april 16, 2012


Working with my hands with another material.
I do like this a lot.
Experience the material and letting go the idea of making something.
I have to know what i'm working with first.
But of course i have some ideas...

And the twin is born! Welcome Rixt and Dytmer!

zondag, april 15, 2012

Oh boy...

The young one...he is in for some adventures...so the first finger was broken!
He is doing fine and he managed to do most of the things he normally does.
And now without the plaster, he can do everything again...(he thinks!)
So 2 days ago he was playing again around the water....he fell in and decided to swim across!
With all his clothes and winter jacket!

His friend was impressed. I'm curious about the other adventures to come...

vrijdag, april 13, 2012


My friend Ingrid has made her first product! "Pile me up", she said and tomorrow there will be a presentation in Zwolle.
Popsicle is her design label, and more products to come. I really like her own hand in all her work, like the coffe/wine on top.
She did a lot of work for television and film aswell with her other company Zijwind...so check her out!

--Op zaterdag 14 april van 11:00 uur tot 16:00 uur wordt designlabel Popsicle op een ludieke manier in Zwolle gelanceerd.
In de etalages van Bang & Olufsen, NoaNoa en Casual Friday in de Luttekestraat, worden de belevingswerelden van Popsicle vertaald in een decor met levende etalagepoppen.
Tijdens deze lancering presenteren we ons eerste product; zitelement “Pile me up”, she said--

Fotografie Single Shot Movies

dinsdag, april 10, 2012


Penduka, a development organisation working with women in Namibia, asked Anja Mulder to take some pictures for their soon to be webshop.
Together we had a great day of styling and photographing. There is more to come!

maandag, april 02, 2012

maandag, maart 26, 2012


Last weekend Peter and I did 'un tour de la Hollande'...
We had a great time!

Beautiful place to visit and i do like her work (and coffee!)
Lonneke de Kok - Oisterwijk

Guess we have to visit again in every season! Always something to discover in the garden. Not to forget the shop with books!
We ate cheesecake and citron pie. Villa Augustus - Dordrecht

And thank you Joscha for your hospitality!


maandag, maart 12, 2012


I do like spaces. Emty and old spaces. Places where you are getting curious about the story behind.

Places & spaces - Lost Places
Deserted Europe

And the space above....
It's our bedroom nowadays...!

maandag, maart 05, 2012


Still one of the greatest kids stores in Groningen. Kidsfavourites//Protonstraat 12B

And do you remember Boas his first found??
He found something special again....Look here JASZAKSCHATTEN

donderdag, februari 16, 2012


The sketchbook is filling very slowly.
And i will make my first twin card! Very nice!

Last week i got the Liebster blog Award, twice! Marjolein and Kyra thank you very much!

dinsdag, februari 14, 2012

dinsdag, januari 31, 2012


It is freezing cold outside but the light is wonderful!


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