donderdag, april 28, 2011


My other sister has a new family member too! She's very clever and we all like her....and now we want a Maggie aswell...!

vrijdag, april 22, 2011

dinsdag, april 19, 2011


Douwe was here ! (...and his mum & big brother too)

adventures continues

There is a lot to find in our garden.

vrijdag, april 15, 2011

long-eared owl

There are two of them, in the twilight they fly out....and now we found out that the owl during day-time is resting in the tree, just next to the just 8 km out of the city; a completely different world!

dinsdag, april 12, 2011


Story-telling by putting two pictures together.

(the sparrow hawk was found by the kids in our garden)

maandag, april 11, 2011

Spring greetings

For the first time i joined a postcard swap. What does a postcard means to me; it tells something about the place i am and tell something about how i'm doing. I made a small collection in paper.
And...i already have 4 cards in the mail box!


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