dinsdag, mei 31, 2011


Today is raining but yesterday the girls took a "swim" in the ditch!

dinsdag, mei 24, 2011


Ha...dankzij mijn eigen LinkWithin kwam ik weer terecht bij het vindselmuseum!
Wat geweldig is het toch...de prachten der natuur! Slaap lekker!

En dan dit weekend in eigen stad! Schat zoekt vinder!


Yesterday started -avond4daagse-. Four evenings in a row the kids are walking 5 km. It's our first time out of town.
It's also Ot's first walk and today...There he was...in the newspaper!

(ps...he did walk 5km !!!)

zondag, mei 22, 2011

Long weekend

"langs de lijn!"

If they win their last game this saterday, we do have champions!!!


I never heard of this "tulpen-tree" and also never saw this Davidia involucrata, but my neighbours have one in their garden!


Visited my sister and we went book-shopping in a thriftshore in Oss. After that we had coffee in Eindhoven!


A good weekend it was, have a nice monday!

dinsdag, mei 17, 2011


Found these letters in a secondhandstore.
My father could pick-up something to do with letterpress today.

I'm curious about it...maybe we can work together someday!
So i collect sites about letterpress now to get me inspired!

All S >
Small Caps

I am always interested in other places!

maandag, mei 16, 2011


A package arrived and when we opened the box it was filled up with this biological stuff. So the kids built and built, till box was empty! Not only good for the environment but also for playing time!

vrijdag, mei 13, 2011

The garden

It's a new world unfolding for us and it is such a pleasure!

woensdag, mei 11, 2011




My boys are really like boys...and sometimes it's hard to understand as a female who also grew up between sisters.
The energy, the playing-touching-wildthings to do every minute of the day.
Sometimes it drives me nuts, but it can be refreshing....jumping around!

And what about this. They create stories about prisoners in castles who can escape but the bad guys won't survive....

dinsdag, mei 10, 2011




This beautiful lamp is a design of Geertje Aalders, she a great illustrator who also makes a lot of nice drawings for Flow! This design was made for Hylkia's company Hartendief. Read more about her here at Bloesem.
The big parade is for sale here. If you live in the north, you can also buy this lamp and lots of other designs at Baby Pander - Protonstraat 12B in Groningen.

PS At Bruna you can buy nice stationary productes designed by Geertje Aalders!
To make nice gift waps for very special persons!

vrijdag, mei 06, 2011

Maak iets van de natuur!

Sinds afgelopen woensdag is het hofje van Marieke geopend. Iedere woensdag en zondagmiddag is er een workshop "Maak iets van de natuur". Op de camping in het stadspark vanaf 14.00 uur!
Super leuk; de plek, het maken en Marieke!


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