woensdag, maart 30, 2011


Since the end of last year i'm working in a kids-store. We are rebuilding and it's almost all coming together.

I just saw a nice video -Michael Borremans-
Thank you Inge for the link!

maandag, maart 28, 2011


Made this screen-print for the charity exhibition PRAY FOR JAPAN. Japan on the radio and on my mind.


Finally, we are very proud!

woensdag, maart 16, 2011


And by the way....my sister gave birth to another son! His name is Douwe. So tiny and sweet!

maandag, maart 14, 2011


Writing letters...since we moved i am about to clean up the attic...we have an attic for the first time and it's already packed. I have collected a lot! But because we need to make another room in house, i must clean-up this space.
I used to write a lot of letters, even at school, we handed over all the stories written on paper. After school we could speak on the phone for hours again. Talking about all the major problems in a girls-life....
It's so precious all these notes, letters...and then i found the project of Daphne "Postparels en mailjuweeltjes". Have a look at all these stories...

I guess Luna (10 yrs) will not collect her girl-talk...since she is chatting with her friends and this is not to be saved....

het vogeltje...

I just washed my windows... The kids were impressed and took out the book "Kikker en het volgeltje". A book with memories.

More books of Max Velthuijs

woensdag, maart 09, 2011


Wow, i always love it when men play the guitar....
(Meer foto's bij Sanneke! 't was super gezellig weer, net als toen!)


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