donderdag, juni 27, 2013

Bare feet

Jarig zijn en naar het 'blotevoetenpad' dat is dubbel feest!
Een enkeling moest er even in komen, maar al snel was iedereen in z'n element.
Modder tot in je oren...wat een fijne dag.
(zag je ook de zombies uit het moeras....)

dinsdag, juni 18, 2013


Just a 3 more weeks to go and then i have been studying for one year. I'm actually a bit tired of it all.
But i'm happy with the results and still like the idea to become a teacher in art-education.
One more year to september i already have to start with my final's about art, design and sustainability. Eco-design. The green way. If you think there is something i must know....please tell me!

Plus Twee is working with bio-based materials. But the also still make their beauties! This is at the Design XPO / House of design

Above is the living room of Sandra.


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