maandag, mei 31, 2010

Lucky II

I won this wonderful stamp! Made by Daan!
Like the old with the pigeon became airmail...
I prefer snail-mail instead of e-mail. I already sent my first package with it!

By the way..if you scroll down at can win another one!

vrijdag, mei 28, 2010


I guess it was my lucky day...found these for only 0.60 eurocents each. Once i did a swedish language course so i can practise again cause the books are in swedish.

dinsdag, mei 25, 2010


Next week my youngest son will turn 4 years old! It's amazing. Then all three of them are going to school! Mixed feelings but Ot is he can cycle to school as well! We practised last week.
Yesterday we also went to Ellert and Brammert and listened to their story in the old school.


maandag, mei 24, 2010


Even the weather report said 'cloudy with now and then rain' in the north...we didn't notice....

zondag, mei 23, 2010

early love birds

Went out of bed at 4.45 and spent the early morning hours here. Watching the sun come up...
Came home at 7.45 drank some coffee and then made breakfast for the kids! What a good start of the day!
(I'll show you the result when finished)

woensdag, mei 19, 2010


Luna has won the design contest for a traffic sign! So now her sign is for real!
I will show you soon. Of course i was too late (still working) too see it all live, didn't bring my camara BUT...the local television station made this short 'film' about the traffic problems around school!

I'm such a proud mum! We both were surprised!


maandag, mei 17, 2010


I have always loved this colour. Now i can use it for a project i'm working on.


zondag, mei 16, 2010


Remember ?
She gave birth to another son! His name is Zamee...and this is his room!


We went camping in the garden, where my friend grew up! it was wonderful to be there.

dinsdag, mei 11, 2010


This is another book/magazine i like! You can find the rarest collections in it.
Made by O.K Parking/periodicals. You can buy it here...

View their new issue Curiosities

About other collections, JASZAKSCHATTEN!
Just love it!

maandag, mei 10, 2010

The journey

I wrote about this favourite book of mine before!
Dan Eldon. His earliest books!

You can see more of his dummies here! So much inspiration!
(Last weekend i already bought my travel journey and the lonely planet of Ethiopia! That's why i got here again!..)

zondag, mei 09, 2010


North of Holland; we could see Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. The dike at Ternaard.
(Zoom in at the Waddenzee...such beautiful colours and shapes!)

waddenzee...i'm in love!

vrijdag, mei 07, 2010


Marieke is almost having her third baby! Isn't she a beautiful pregnant woman....

donderdag, mei 06, 2010

cherry blossom

We are enjoying our spring holiday...and the beautiful trees; i think it's still a couple of days before they are all on the ground...
Cherry Blossom - Sakura

woensdag, mei 05, 2010


The last time i was in Africa was in 1997-1998, South Africa. I celebrated the new year in Cape town. I was also working/playing at Sunshine Place, a childrens home in East London. I made a book about their life.
At the end of september i'm going to Ethiopia together with my aunt who is a midwife. Since january 2009 her collegue Tineke moved to this country to set up a klinik and now we will visit her Kliniek Hidi. I am really excited about this trip! I wonder who i will meet...


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