vrijdag, juli 23, 2010


It has been a strange week. Last week we had our first visitors and now the house is sold! Amazing...so now we go on our holiday to my beloved Schiermonnikoog. The last time, 3 years ago, we went with this car on the boat. Tomorrow we will cycle!
Hmmm...can't wait to be there again and see our friends again we met there also 3 years ago!

donderdag, juli 15, 2010


We go camping this weekend! Hopefully we had all the heavy storms for this summer!
Last monday we had lots of water and even more wind...the two hundred-year-old chestnut trees in the park are gone now....so sad...


House for sale...a bit strange that we are really going to leave this house. Our first home with lots of stories to tell.
But yes...it seems like this will be our garden!

dinsdag, juli 13, 2010


Today we have another party! We are going to celebrate Boas 6th birthday!

donderdag, juli 08, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Luna and i went to see her friend's performance. The whole ballet-school was dancing...i love to see the movement in this dance.

Tomorrow is the last schoolday. Summer-holiday will start but i do have to work real hard this summer...preparing for Noorderzon!

The werkpost shop is closed

dinsdag, juli 06, 2010


Ten years ago, we became parents...we were in between the old house in the Hague and the new one in Groningen...(look how young we were...still are...)
This year we are moving again! But first we will celebrate our daughter becomming a teenager! WOW...I'm looking forward what the next years will bring us!

donderdag, juli 01, 2010

Duo Penotti

It's summer!


She enjoyed her perfomance very much...i like to watch and see the kids play together in their circus-act!


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