dinsdag, augustus 31, 2010


We had quite a lot of visitors...and in the little streets around the park, we even found some products in a window! That felt nice! Now we are cleaning up the mess and i'm preparing for a big move and lot's of changes!

zaterdag, augustus 28, 2010

Fairy tail


Our 10th and last day of the festival! Wonder who i will meet today....

vrijdag, augustus 27, 2010


It's too bad there is so much rain this week...but well....we still have Annet!

maandag, augustus 23, 2010


Working together on a project like this is amazing! it's a joy, it's fun but it can also be frustrating and communication is word you think, you never heard of. After days of hard work, preparing and getting tired, i also get very emotional...
They stood in front of me...singing and laughing and i was very touched...couldn't see very clear...It really was good day! Thanks girls!!!

And look...they gave me the most fabulous flowers! Perfectly for me and my red-apple-cheeks!

zondag, augustus 22, 2010


Het is echt feest!!! (en ik ben ook nog jarig...)

vrijdag, augustus 20, 2010

How great!

And so much fun to meet all these people....and the reactions of all these people are great! It like being in a fairytale and if you want...you can come and be a part of that fairy too...you can warm yourself by a little fire-place...have a cup of tea or be in wrong party! But be aware...yesterday there was a "tasjesdief" behind the tree....

woensdag, augustus 18, 2010

Tomorrow 17.00

We have to be ready by then, but it's getting there! I really would like to show you...but come visit us in the park!!
To find out more about the program...look here!

vrijdag, augustus 13, 2010


There's only one week left and the festival starts. We are up and running. Next week we start building at the Plantsoen. I'll give you a sneak preview of what we have been working on....Make the impossible Possible!

zondag, augustus 08, 2010


And she...she stayed a little longer with her friend. So we picked her up...she travelled for the first time across the sea. All her luggage tied up her bicycle. I'm proud...zooo stoer!

woensdag, augustus 04, 2010

Oh boy...

the light today




We cycled through the beauty of the north.

Like home is where the heart is...
How the light changes...fascinating every time/day/hour/minute again!


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