dinsdag, oktober 13, 2009


I went out with this little black one! We picked up Ot en walked. We met this wonderful old chinese woman on our way back and she said; it's good to go out and good to meet people. I asked her about her dog, but he died a couple of months ago. She was happy i talked to her. You have an open heart. Don't stay inside! Make contact. Beautiful lesson of this lady!

So i go out, tonight with my man and we pick up her...and her man! We go eat something and than listen. We will open our hearts and let the good live in!

2 opmerkingen:

sanneke zei

Oh yes we will!

woord van de dag:
shini: stralend! Zoals wij er vanavond uit zien als we de Pixies zien!

MUS zei

HEY gaan jullie naar de pixies heb iets GIGANTIC gemist geloof ik. veel plezier!!

(leuk. grijsgedraaid toen ik in rotterdam woonde, vanavond ook hier pixies (youtuben)! en herinneringen ophalen zei het oude wijf :))


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