vrijdag, maart 26, 2010

Ik schenk aandacht

This is a project of a dutch artist Annet de Vries. This afternoon the postman brought me an envelope and i love it. I already did...at Werkpost we sell her teapot, teabags and buttons. It's all about awareness. ' I pay attention to '. Be aware of spending time with each other, taking time in this world where things are going on and on...
...that's what i meant when meeting the lady

But find out for yourselves and read all about it here!
if you want to buy something, visit werkpost ( i will be there tomorrow) or have a look here! Annet also has a blog

I must say...it's in dutch tough...

3 opmerkingen:

bastisRIKE zei

thats such a nice idea ...

it would be a perfect present to my sister who moved to the netherlands last year ....

Guusje zei

Ziet er goed uit, Simone!

Miss TD zei

Looks very lovely and i love the philosophy! Oh and of course i adore tea ;)


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