zondag, april 15, 2012

Oh boy...

The young one...he is in for some adventures...so the first finger was broken!
He is doing fine and he managed to do most of the things he normally does.
And now without the plaster, he can do everything again...(he thinks!)
So 2 days ago he was playing again around the water....he fell in and decided to swim across!
With all his clothes and winter jacket!

His friend was impressed. I'm curious about the other adventures to come...

2 opmerkingen:

emmel-prutsemieke zei

Heel heel mooi beeld die eerste foto!

TAK zei

oooooh zooo leuk: jongens.
Nog nooit zo vaak op de ehbo gezeten in mijn leven als de afgelopen 5 jaar ;-)

Sterkte met het pootje!


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