dinsdag, november 13, 2012


Olifantenpaadjes...i saw the book some time ago while i was in Paris and it was something...fascinating.
Never heard of before but so 'regular' it stayed in mind. Everytime i see this 'elephant-path' (desire-lines)
i wanted to know more about it.

So i found this video. You have to watch this. Sorry that it's in dutch.

Olifantenpaadjes from Jan-Dirk van der Burg on Vimeo.

Here you can find out all about it.

2 opmerkingen:

sanneke zei

Wat leuk! Ik heb er hier ook een paar dichtbij huis en had geen idee dat ze zo heetten.

Mariaah zei

I love olifantenpaadjes


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