zondag, januari 10, 2010


During the holiday i had a visit of three students of the Willem de kooning Academie. This comming week they are finishing a magazine called 'collectables'. Here is a little glimpse of what they came for and what they also made! I will show you when the girls have put the magazine on-line!

Lisa Congdon has a also a new collectable project for 2010! A Collection a day...i just love it!

^ Photo by Floor, Kelly and Mandy

3 opmerkingen:

Guusje zei

Super cool, Simone!

sanneke zei

Zijn ze daar nou bezig met jouw pasfoto-collectie?
Volgens mij hebben ze zich wel vermaakt in Groningen.

Woord van de dag:
picksh: verzamelingen

fleurfatale zei

Gosh, I am a collector at heart, but don't know if I could fill up a year with a collection every day,
thanks for the link!


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