vrijdag, januari 22, 2010


all photos made by Marrigje de Maar

She started art-school when she was 54! never to old to what you really want! These are photographs of Marrigje de Maar. How i love it. It reminds me a bit of Bertien van Manen . When i was at the academy (AKI) i wanted to travel around like this. And maybe i still want it.

Groninger museum buys an paper art work.

And look at this, a computer-game where you have to fold the paper to create other levels! Want to read more about this? Just click...it's in dutch though... How great is that!

3 opmerkingen:

sanneke zei

Ik ben nog helemaal in Pippi stemming na de Pippi musical en met de cd er van aan. Deze foto's sluiten er wel goed bij aan. :)

laterse: groet, met uitroepteken en amsterdamse tongval uit te spreken.

elianne zei

54... oh de wereld ligt nog open.
prachtige fotos

Fine Little Day zei

Ooh love, thanks for posting this Simone!


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