dinsdag, januari 12, 2010

Kleine Fabriek

Yesterday went to 'de kleine fabriek'. Nice to have a look at the products of Luckyboysunday. Balthazar could be my friend!

-It runs in the family- such a great find by Imps&Elfs! I love the shirt with the red cheeks. Check this out... Breaking News!! Frank Visser of studio IJM did a great job! also inside the kiosk.

3 opmerkingen:


LOVE it...it had me thinking it was real for a second...
great post and fab links!
Thanks for sharing.

MUS zei

fijne uitstap!

oh dat bonnie rattle jurkje!

imps&elfs ook een van mijn nederlandse favo merkjes (met buisjes en beugels op 1 :)).

Sandra zei

volgende keer ga ik mee!


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