zondag, januari 31, 2010


We saw a lot!

We went to Paperworld

making up stories

Me and my sister had these books (i had a yellow-one) when we were young. I found hers last week. I am not the only one who's happy with this one!

vrijdag, januari 29, 2010


Well...i see i haven't been here for a week. It's friday again. There was no time left to blog. Hopefully more next week.

The girls have been working hard but they have finished their magazine!. They interviewed me about this collection.

I'm off for the weekend, making a little trip with my dad to Frankfurt!

vrijdag, januari 22, 2010


all photos made by Marrigje de Maar

She started art-school when she was 54! never to old to what you really want! These are photographs of Marrigje de Maar. How i love it. It reminds me a bit of Bertien van Manen . When i was at the academy (AKI) i wanted to travel around like this. And maybe i still want it.

Groninger museum buys an paper art work.

And look at this, a computer-game where you have to fold the paper to create other levels! Want to read more about this? Just click...it's in dutch though... How great is that!

donderdag, januari 21, 2010


Last christmas i treated myself...a subscription to Uppercase magazine! Number 4 is almost on it's way...

dinsdag, januari 19, 2010


Did i ever tell you that you can find Ot in the book of Camilla!
You can also buy the book here

zaterdag, januari 16, 2010

modern way

Still winter, time to knit, crochet or...the new embroidery! Playing around with designs out of a embroidery-book....
I just bought Elisabeths one! It's on sale.

vrijdag, januari 15, 2010

woensdag, januari 13, 2010


I bought a nice book about tape (and tape also) at Uguisu / Hiki

I sell a nice book too! It's Camilla Engmans book available at Werkpost!
and you can find the 2010 calender there aswell.

dinsdag, januari 12, 2010

Kleine Fabriek

Yesterday went to 'de kleine fabriek'. Nice to have a look at the products of Luckyboysunday. Balthazar could be my friend!

-It runs in the family- such a great find by Imps&Elfs! I love the shirt with the red cheeks. Check this out... Breaking News!! Frank Visser of studio IJM did a great job! also inside the kiosk.

zondag, januari 10, 2010


During the holiday i had a visit of three students of the Willem de kooning Academie. This comming week they are finishing a magazine called 'collectables'. Here is a little glimpse of what they came for and what they also made! I will show you when the girls have put the magazine on-line!

Lisa Congdon has a also a new collectable project for 2010! A Collection a day...i just love it!

^ Photo by Floor, Kelly and Mandy

zondag, januari 03, 2010

Good start

What a great start we had...in the woods, BIG fire!, nice people...
Now it's 2010...another year. It makes me curious and i wonder where it's all leading to.


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