woensdag, juni 10, 2009


Sandra en ik werken aan dit project. En dan x4.

De doosjes die mijn kinderen van Sanneke kregen zouden hier ook prima bij passen!

Sandra and i are working on this project. x4.
The small boxes fit in very well! It was a gift from Sanneke who made them herself!

3 opmerkingen:

sanneke zei

Wat een leuk project! Enne, als ik er meer moet maken, zeg je het maar!

woord van de dag:
ferfe: dyslectisch schilderen

Sarah zei

Hi Simone! I am so glad you commented because I just could not remember who I had been visiting! Sorry I got your country wrong too-it all made sense when I looked up Berserkers! I am glad you told me what bezoekers means and that I could let you know that they are ladybird babies! You could not guess by looking at them.
I like this project you are working on. I enjoy your pictures even if my dutch is terrible! I have a friend who lives in Holland and have been there a number of times but I am bad at languages!

MasaMiho+NaoMiho zei

nice work simone!



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